06There are many schools of thought on how to best manage and train our canine companions.  Wagmakers believes approaches supported by science are the best way to go.

At one point, we looked to captive wolves to give us an idea of how dogs behave.  But canis familiaris is a different species, and studying dogs is what we need to understand how dogs work!  It is these advances in ethology – the study of how animals learn – that Wagmakers applies while caring for your pet.

Desired behaviors are rewarded with treats, praise, toys, or whatever reward the dog seeks at the moment.  Bad behaviors are given “negative punishment” – the dog is given a time-out on leash, or attention and toys are put away, and the dog has to return to desired behaviors to get the fun time back!  We are also happy to work with whatever program your R+ trainer sets up for your pup.

Wagmakers does not use prong, pinch, or shock collars.  We do not spray or alpha roll dogs.  We believe use of pain or intimidation does not contribute to a healthy dog/walker relationship.